Hellbent - Limited Edition Packaged Vinyl (Pop-Up)

Hellbent - Limited Edition Packaged Vinyl (Pop-Up)

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Limited edition pop-up vinyl packaging with autographed credit insert and interactive content*. Includes digital download card.

*Scan the QR code on the inside packaging with your smartphone camera to gain access to exclusive video content on the making of the record, the writing process, song by song descriptions, stories from the road and the early years of RRB.


Track Listing: 

  1. Drinking Money
  2. I’ll Never Get Over You
  3. Anchors Away
  4. Comal County Line
  5. Hell Bent On A Heartache
  6. You, Me & A Bottle
  7. We Never Made It To Mexico
  8. Crazy People
  9. Fire In The Hole
  10. Wine In A Coffee Cup
  11. Good One Coming On

Produced by Dave Cobb